Increasing Wear Part Efficiency.
Winter® Hardfacing Services can engineer a weld for cast steel, cast iron, non-hardened steel, or machined wear parts.

Our hard facing experts will meet with you:

- To examine the design of your wear part
- Discuss its use and its working environment
- Design a weld
- Then, recommend weld placement for maximum protection

Our manufacturing experts meet highest quality standards:

- A Winter® Carbide Matrix Weld is our own formula
- Unique chemistry for long life
- Applied with the latest in robotic technology

Wear Part Problems and Winter® Hardfacing Solutions. 

Reduce Debarker Tool Replacement Costs
Applying a Winter® Carbide Matrix Weld Hardfacing to the working end of a steel debarking tool can extend its wear life as much as 75%. This specially formulated weld can increase production time, reduce maintenance and cut replacement costs drastically.


Cut Change Outs of Worn Auger Flight Wear Part
Harsh environments take a toll on an auger flight standard wear part. This part is welded in place so replacement time is very costly. Adding a Winter® Carbide Matrix Weld to the entire working surface extends its wear life and eliminates downtime.


Add Tough Working Surface To Tub Grinder Bit
Replacing bits in a tub grinder is a real hassle, not to mention the loss of production time experienced when working with damaged wear parts. Applying a Winter® Carbide Matrix Weld to all grinding surfaces of the bit helps them stand tough against wear and damaging impacts.

Extending Scarifier Ripper Teeth Life
Standard ripper teeth are damaged in the hostile environment of road construction. A carbide matrix weld was designed and added to a standard steel casting, which increased its life as much as 3x – reducing replacement costs and maintenance hassles.

Reducing Bucket Teeth Damage
A carbide matrix weld hardfacing have been added to construction equipment’s working end of its bucket teeth. It has reduce damage, saved maintenance cost and increased work efficiency.

Eliminate Moldboard Shoe Road Damage
The shoes are attached to the bottom of a snowplow assembly. Abrasion and damaging impacts cause excessive shoe wear and breakage. A damaged shoe can cause expensive road damage. A ¾” carbide matrix weld wear pad was embedded in the face of the shoe, eliminating excessive wear.


Protecting Underbody Blade End
A plow blade guard was designed to protect end of blade used by trucks and graders. The guard was designed with a hardfacing carbide matrix weld embedded in a casting attached to end of guard. It greatly increase production time and reduce maintenance costs.


Reducing Carbide Insert Blade Changes
Carbide inserts are embedded in the bottom edge of a steel snowplow blade. When the blade impacts the road, it can cause damage to the steel edge that holds these inserts in place. A Winter® Carbide Matrix Weld was applied to the face of the blade, strengthening the blade. Damage to the blade was reduced greatly, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.


Enhance Flail Performance With Tough Carbide Facing Solutions
Add a Carbide Matrix Weld, or a Carbide Matrix Weld with Crushed Carbide, to the cutting edge of compost flails and increase performance and extend wear life. It’s the perfect way to reduce the compost industry’s maintenance time and replacement costs.


Protecting Snowplow Blade
A PlowGuard® with Carbide Matrix Hardfacing is used to extend snowplow blade life and reduce blade changes. A 6 lb. layer of unique tungsten carbide that is fused to the entire bottom edge and a deposit placed on guard end to protect the snow plow moldboard, extends blade life up to 400%.


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